Adobe on WordPress vs. Movable Type

Aaron Campbell points out that the Adobe Linux Flash blog seems to be making a snide comment about Movable Type.

Sara Rosso Interviews Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Milan

I thought the most interesting question in this interview was Rosso’s asking Mullenweg to follow up on his comment during the WordCamp Milan Q&A about starting a WordPress “ninja” forum. During the Q&A, Mullenweg had said that he wanted the WordPress ninjas to provide free support help to other users. Here, he says that he […]

Magnify Plugin for WordPress has supposedly developed a plugin for WordPress (and Movable Type) to allow bloggers to manage videos from their blog’s administrative interface. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a link to download the plugin, even after registering an account at From the video here, it sounds like the WordPress version of the plugin may […]

Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Phil Leigh interviews lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg in a short podcast. Leigh for the most part asks the usual questions: how Mullenweg got started with WordPress, Automattic’s funding, etc. However, the response to one question stood out to me: asked about the future of blogging, Mullenweg said he thought that the nature of blog […]

Vidoop Hires Chris Messina and Will Norris

Chris Messina and Will Norris, leaders of the DiSo project, have been hired by Vidoop to continue their work on behalf of that company. This is good news for DiSo, because now these men have financial backing for continuing their work. It’s also good news for users of WordPress, because DiSo and related open, distributed […]

Matt Mullenweg Q & A from WordCamp Milan

Paolo Valenti has published in a series of videos Matt Mullenweg’s question and answer session from last weekend’s WordCamp Milan. The videos are in seven parts, and you can view them all here (the last video is on the top of the page, and the first, at the bottom). To summarize, with my comments in […]

WordPress MU 1.5.1 Released

To keep up with version 2.5.1 of regular WordPress, WordPress MU had now been updated to version 1.5.1. You can download it here.

WordCamp Milan

WordCamp Milan, the first WordCamp to be hosted in Europe, convened this weekend. Lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg was in town, and from his photos (more) it looks like Milan in the spring would be difficult to be for a location. Update May 12: Another brief video interview with Mullenweg. More interviews.

WordPress Job

Ozh announced a brand-new site aggregating WordPress freelance jobs: It includes a search feature and can be followed on Twitter and via (as of now not working) RSS feed.

Exporting Mephisto to WordPress

Jason Gill has published the amazingly concise script he used to export his Mephisto site to WordPress.