Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Phil Leigh interviews lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg in a short podcast. Leigh for the most part asks the usual questions: how Mullenweg got started with WordPress, Automattic’s funding, etc. However, the response to one question stood out to me: asked about the future of blogging, Mullenweg said he thought that the nature of blog “posts” would become more flexible. Leigh took this to mean that “video and audio blogging will gain significance along with podcasting,” but I think Mullenweg’s answer suggested more that he sees blogs as—and this is my terminology, not his—nodes in an distributed social network. Hopefully this will mean that Mullenweg and Automattic will support social networking projects that integrate WordPress.

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  1. Posted May 20, 2008 at 1:41 pm | Permalink
    Phil Leigh

    After reading your comment I replayed the relevant portion of Matt’s interview and see your point. While he did agree that posts would become more multimedia, he also commented that our blogs shall become the ultimate representation of ourselves, more-so than FaceBook or MySpace. So I can see your point about them becoming nodes in a social network.

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