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Matt Mullenweg on PHP 5, WordPress Versions at Greek Blogger Camp

At the end of May, Matt Mullenweg spoke at the 2008 Greek Blogger Camp. Mullenweg posted some of his pictures from the camp, and you can view a video of his talk here. I thought he mentioned a number of points of special interest to WordPress users and developers: PHP 5: The PHP developers are […]

Matt Mullenweg on Mashable

Recently Mark Hopkins of Mashable interviewed WordPress founder and Automattic president Matt Mullenweg for a Mashable Conversations podcast. Most interviews of Mullenweg seem to cover the same ground, and Hopkins was even apologetic about it. However, I thought it was interesting that this time Mullenweg mentioned Mark Pilgrim’s post about switching to WordPress as being […]

Sara Rosso Interviews Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Milan

I thought the most interesting question in this interview was Rosso’s asking Mullenweg to follow up on his comment during the WordCamp Milan Q&A about starting a WordPress “ninja” forum. During the Q&A, Mullenweg had said that he wanted the WordPress ninjas to provide free support help to other users. Here, he says that he […]

Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Phil Leigh interviews lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg in a short podcast. Leigh for the most part asks the usual questions: how Mullenweg got started with WordPress, Automattic’s funding, etc. However, the response to one question stood out to me: asked about the future of blogging, Mullenweg said he thought that the nature of blog […]

Matt Mullenweg Q & A from WordCamp Milan

Paolo Valenti has published in a series of videos Matt Mullenweg’s question and answer session from last weekend’s WordCamp Milan. The videos are in seven parts, and you can view them all here (the last video is on the top of the page, and the first, at the bottom). To summarize, with my comments in […]

Venture Capital and Automattic

Xconomy has an article about the birth of Automattic, the company started by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. The author has interviewed Mike Hirshland, a partner at Polaris Venture, Automattic’s main investor.

What You Won’t See in WordPress 2.5

One of the WordPress lead developers, Ryan Boren, announced today that WordPress 2.5 was going into “feature-freeze.” That means that the remaining month until 2.5’s March 10 release will be spent fixing the bugs in existing 2.5 features, not adding more. And that’s a lot of bugs, as much of the admin redesign hasn’t yet […]

New York Times Invests a Little Bit in Automattic Without Seeming to Know Why

The big news today is that Automattic, the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of WordPress, has landed a whopping $29.5 million investment from several venture capital companies and the New York Times. In announcing the move today, the Times emphasized that its investment was “small” and the “smallest.” It also seemed a little […]

Crunchies: Did WordPress.org or Automattic Win?

The “Crunchies,” which describes itself as an “award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year,” had its award ceremony last night. WordPress of some sort won an award, but it’s not clear which. WordPress is the open-source blogging software hosted on WordPress.org. It’s sometimes referred to […]

WordPress Publisher Blog Launches

Automattic, the company founded by WordPress lead developer Matt Mullenweg, has launched the “WordPress Publisher” blog. We’ll cover features that are often overlooked, we’ll highlight plugins that extend WordPress functionality, and we’ll showcase interesting sites being built with WordPress. From the description, it sounds like the WordPress Publisher Blog aims to be Automattic’s in-house version […]