WordPress 2.3.2: What’s New

Bug fix Yesterday WordPress version 2.3.2 was released, chiefly to fix a bug that allowed any visitor to your site to view any posts set to be published in the future (a request like http://pressedwords.com/?x=wp-admin/&paged=1 would do it). Suppress Error Messages More generally, WordPress now suppresses most database error messages. That’s great for a production […]

6 Tips for Localizing Your WordPress Plugin

Localizing (or internationalizing) your WordPress plugin means making its text capable of being translated into other languages, without having to change the plugin itself. That’s something any plugin author should want to do, considering the huge communities of non-English-speaking WordPress users and the relative ease with which internationalization can be done. Here is a list […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugural post of Pressed Words.