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WordPress Use Declines Among Top 100 Bloggers

…but just barely. Last year, 34 of the top 100 bloggers used some version of WordPress. This year it’s 32. Movable Type / TypePad use has increased—again, barely—from 23 to 28 of the top blogs. Most of the changes seem to be a result of blogs coming and going from the ranks of the top […]

Happy Halloween

Does Google Discourage the use of WordPress Permalinks?

A recent blog entry by Google’s Search Quality Team members Juliane Stiller and Kaspar Szymanski somewhat confusingly gives the impression that Google does not like WordPress-style permalinks. Does that mean I should avoid rewriting dynamic URLs at all? That’s our recommendation, unless your rewrites are limited to removing unnecessary parameters, or you are very diligent […]

Matt Mullenweg on PHP 5, WordPress Versions at Greek Blogger Camp

At the end of May, Matt Mullenweg spoke at the 2008 Greek Blogger Camp. Mullenweg posted some of his pictures from the camp, and you can view a video of his talk here. I thought he mentioned a number of points of special interest to WordPress users and developers: PHP 5: The PHP developers are […]

Matt Mullenweg on Mashable

Recently Mark Hopkins of Mashable interviewed WordPress founder and Automattic president Matt Mullenweg for a Mashable Conversations podcast. Most interviews of Mullenweg seem to cover the same ground, and Hopkins was even apologetic about it. However, I thought it was interesting that this time Mullenweg mentioned Mark Pilgrim’s post about switching to WordPress as being […]

WordPress Job

Ozh announced a brand-new site aggregating WordPress freelance jobs: It includes a search feature and can be followed on Twitter and via (as of now not working) RSS feed.

Venture Capital and Automattic

Xconomy has an article about the birth of Automattic, the company started by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. The author has interviewed Mike Hirshland, a partner at Polaris Venture, Automattic’s main investor.

New York Times Invests a Little Bit in Automattic Without Seeming to Know Why

The big news today is that Automattic, the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of WordPress, has landed a whopping $29.5 million investment from several venture capital companies and the New York Times. In announcing the move today, the Times emphasized that its investment was “small” and the “smallest.” It also seemed a little […]

Crunchies: Did or Automattic Win?

The “Crunchies,” which describes itself as an “award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year,” had its award ceremony last night. WordPress of some sort won an award, but it’s not clear which. WordPress is the open-source blogging software hosted on It’s sometimes referred to […]