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Frequently-Used WordPress Filters and Actions

Edward Dale has grepped through the WordPress plugins repository to find the most frequently-used filters and action hooks. In case you didn’t know, the filters and action hooks API is the glory of WordPress: it’s what makes WordPress so easily modified and extended. Seeing which are the most often used should say something about what […]

WordPress Admin Bar Updated

Viper007Bond has released version 3.0.0 of his WordPress admin bar, which puts a navigation menu for admin pages at the top of each external WordPress page, for logged-in users. By default, this admin bar looks a lot like the one at, but it (optionally) includes all available admin menu items, and there are a […]

Remove Microsoft Word Garbage from WordPress Posts, by Default

Dave Addey has released a compact WordPress plugin (about 10 lines long) that enables by default the TinyMCE feature that “cleans up” Microsoft Word markup. Typically, if you paste content from Word into WordPress’s WYSIWYG, TinyMCE, you get a ton of unsightly markup, such as font and alignment tags, which can wreak havoc on your […]

Plurk Plugin for WordPress

Ricardo González has released a new WordPress plugin that widgetizes your Plurk status messages, so you can make them appear in your blog’s sidebar, for example. Or you can call <?php plurk_messages(“username”); ?> directly to make them appear anywhere in your theme. In case you don’t know, Plurk is like Twitter, except that it has […]

Mollom: Anti-Spam Plugin

It seems like a lot of people are getting into the anti-spam business recently. Mollom has released a publicly available version of its WordPress plugin. Unlike the others such as Akismet, TypePad AntiSpam, and Defensio, Mollom alters the comments database table to add a field. I don’t usually think that’s a good idea, but other, […]

TypePad Releases Anti-Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

The folks at Six Apart have released a centralized anti-spam service complete with WordPress plugin, which seems aimed at competing directly with Akismet. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has tried it and claims that it has fewer false positives than does Akismet.

Title Capitalization Plugin

When I saw John Gruber’s Perl script that corrects title capitalization, then John Resig’s JavaScript version, I thought, “that would make a great WordPress plugin ported to PHP!” Adam Nolley has done just that.

Bible Verse Tagger Plugin for WordPress

Logos has released a new version of its RefTagger tool, which links Bible verse references to their full text at It also shows the verse in a pop-up if you hover over the link. RefTagger works on any sites that use its JavaScript, but the Logos page includes WordPress plugin that does this automatically.

The Right Way to Use JavaScript in Your WordPress Plugin

Ozh explains how to properly use JavaScript in your WordPress plugins. There are two key parts: Use wp_enqueue_script() to load external libraries and standalone scripts, instead of generating your own script header tags. On admin pages, use the admin_print_scripts-[mypage] action hook to register the code on only your plugin’s page, not every admin page. Both […]

Adding Advanced Options Boxes in WordPress 2.5

The upcoming WordPress 2.5 has a completely-redesigned admin backend. Plugin authors who add custom fields to the “Write Post” and “Write Page” pages will need to change their methods to work with the new design. Ozh explains how to use add_meta_box() with the new design to add those custom fields. He has a simple, straightforward […]