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Matt Mullenweg on PHP 5, WordPress Versions at Greek Blogger Camp

At the end of May, Matt Mullenweg spoke at the 2008 Greek Blogger Camp. Mullenweg posted some of his pictures from the camp, and you can view a video of his talk here. I thought he mentioned a number of points of special interest to WordPress users and developers: PHP 5: The PHP developers are […]

Who’s Using WordPress 5 Years Later

In honor of WordPress’s fifth birthday, I’ve surveyed about 6000 blogs to see how many are running WordPress. This is the same group that I queried back in January, when I created a spider that harvested the blogs from all of Technorati’s main blogging categories. CMS Count Percentage WordPress 2178 34.3 Unknown 1523 23.98 Blogger […]

How Many Bloggers Use Each Version of WordPress

Yesterday I mentioned that WordPress was the most-used content management system among Technorati’s top 100 bloggers, and I wondered what versions of WordPress they were using. As it happens, discovering the WordPress version is fairly simple most of the time, so I wrote a Perl robot to gather that information from the top 100 Technorati […]