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WordPress Use Declines Among Top 100 Bloggers

…but just barely. Last year, 34 of the top 100 bloggers used some version of WordPress. This year it’s 32. Movable Type / TypePad use has increased—again, barely—from 23 to 28 of the top blogs. Most of the changes seem to be a result of blogs coming and going from the ranks of the top […]

Who’s Using WordPress 5 Years Later

In honor of WordPress’s fifth birthday, I’ve surveyed about 6000 blogs to see how many are running WordPress. This is the same group that I queried back in January, when I created a spider that harvested the blogs from all of Technorati’s main blogging categories. CMS Count Percentage WordPress 2178 34.3 Unknown 1523 23.98 Blogger […]

How Many Bloggers Use Each Version of WordPress

Yesterday I mentioned that WordPress was the most-used content management system among Technorati’s top 100 bloggers, and I wondered what versions of WordPress they were using. As it happens, discovering the WordPress version is fairly simple most of the time, so I wrote a Perl robot to gather that information from the top 100 Technorati […]

WordPress: Most-Used Blogging Application For the Most Popular Blogs

According to Technorati, more of the top one hundred linked-to blogs use WordPress than any other CMS. Specifically, 34% of those most popular blogs use WordPress, compared to Movable Type’s 16%. Most WordPress themes announce their version number in the page’s meta tags. Since I’m sure Technorati has the data, it would be really interesting […]