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Paged Comments and the SEO Problem: A Solution

The paged comments feature new in WordPress 2.7 is handy for reducing page size, but it introduces the search engine optimization (SEO) problem of putting the same content on different permalinks, as some have pointed out. That’s because the complete post would appear at all of these permalinks: My solution in this […]

WordPress Themes and Vagueness

Recently there’s been a kerfuffle in the WordPress blogosphere over the fact that suddenly removed 200 themes from the Extend repository, in order to make all themes comply with this apparently new stipulation: Themes for sites that support “premium” (non-GPL or compatible) themes will not be approved. Alister Cameron has written a post that’s […]

Monthly Archives Idea

Charles Stricklin, WordPress Podcast guru, had an interesting idea for arranging monthly WordPress archives, which is basically to make an archives page like this.

WordPress 2.7 Theme Comments How-To

Otto has a good tutorial on adjusting a WordPress theme to take advantage of the upcoming comment features in WordPress 2.7, including comment threading and paging. Keep in mind that WordPress 2.7 is still under development, and these features could change somewhat before 2.7 is released.

Does Google Discourage the use of WordPress Permalinks?

A recent blog entry by Google’s Search Quality Team members Juliane Stiller and Kaspar Szymanski somewhat confusingly gives the impression that Google does not like WordPress-style permalinks. Does that mean I should avoid rewriting dynamic URLs at all? That’s our recommendation, unless your rewrites are limited to removing unnecessary parameters, or you are very diligent […]

Previews of the Default BuddyPress Theme

Andy Peatling, who works on BuddyPress for Automattic, has posted screenshots of the new default theme that will part of BuddyPress. In case you didn’t know, BuddyPress is a “WordPress MU Based Social Network Platform,” which in other words means that it’s similar to Facebook, except open source.

Using image.php in WordPress 2.5 Themes

Blog almighty points out that WordPress themes should use the images.php template file to take advantage of the image gallery features introduced in WordPress 2.5. There are two main differences in the image.php template file from single.php: printing the image instead of the post content, and using previous_image_link and next_image_link instead of previous_post_link and next_post_link.