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Matt Mullenweg Q & A from WordCamp Milan

Paolo Valenti has published in a series of videos Matt Mullenweg’s question and answer session from last weekend’s WordCamp Milan. The videos are in seven parts, and you can view them all here (the last video is on the top of the page, and the first, at the bottom). To summarize, with my comments in […]

WordCamp Milan

WordCamp Milan, the first WordCamp to be hosted in Europe, convened this weekend. Lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg was in town, and from his photos (more) it looks like Milan in the spring would be difficult to be for a location. Update May 12: Another brief video interview with Mullenweg. More interviews.

Exporting Mephisto to WordPress

Jason Gill has published the amazingly concise script he used to export his Mephisto site to WordPress.

Using WordPress to Log System Changes

With a basic shell script and WordPress’s blog-by-email feature, Jon Buys is using WordPress to log user changes to his servers: I decided to start tracking the email alerts with a centralized database. Now, at this point, I could have whipped up my own home-brew frankenstein creation, but since everything I wanted was already built […]

NPR Interns’ Blog Powered by WordPress

National Public Radio’s Spring 2008 intern blog is powered by WordPress, using a somewhat modified version of the default Kubrick theme.

Managing WordPress from the Command Line

Jon Smajda describes how he backs up and upgrades WordPress, and it’s the way I prefer to do it: using Subversion and mysqldump. I think the best part of his post is this sample backup cron script. With a little tweaking it could be used to back up remotely for best protection, in case, for […]

WordPress Vancouver

Phillip Jeffrey has some good photos and links to the presenters from the recent WordCamp Vancouver. More WordCamps are coming up soon, including one in Milan this weekend.

WordPress Fantastico De Luxe Upgrade to 2.5.1

Jeffro2pt0 points out that Fantastico De Luxe, the fairly popular way of installing WordPress and other applications through your site’s control panel, now allows you to upgrade WordPress to 2.5.1. Personally, I prefer to use Subversion to manage my WordPress sites, but that’s not always available on shared hosts.

It looks like there’s a new WordPress install business that’s geared towards helping people set up business blogs using WordPress. It claims you can set up WordPress for free using its service, so its business model seems to be based on affiliate sales and advertising. However, on signup the site does ask for a PayPal […]

Restoring Your WordPress 2.5 Password in the Database

WordPress 2.5 introduced a much more thorough password-hashing algorithm with PHPass. That is great for security, but I was afraid that it would make restoring your WordPress password in the database almost impossible. You see, prior to 2.5, if you needed to reset your password, you could just hash it using md5 and put it […]